“The Great Divide”
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America's veterans are skilled, highly trained professionals. Yet many of them find getting hired very difficult as they trade in their uniforms for civilian attire. Read some of their stories in “The Great Divide”, Stars and Stripes' new collection of first-hand reports on the challenges facing the military men and women who are coming home and leaving the military. Read it on Kindle or iBooks®.

A special Stars and Stripes e-book publication

As the wars overseas wind down, tens of thousands of troops are saying goodbye to the military life they knew
and connecting with family, employers, teachers and strangers who don't understand their experience. In this
unique collection of Stars and Stripes articles, “The Great Divide” looks at how veterans are bridging the gap
between their old military lives and their new civilian reality.

about the author
Leo Shane III

Leo Shane has worked at Stars and Stripes since 2004, covering Capitol Hill and the White House. His beats include legislation affecting military policy and veterans issues. His work also includes overseas coverage of military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chile and Ecuador. View stripes.com articles by Leo Shane

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